Are you looking for a complete aerobic workout? A workout that is low-impact for your joints? What about a fun workout, that doesn’t feel like your working out?!?! Well look no further, Roller skating is the perfect exercise for you! Here are some reasons why roller skating should be part of your regular fitness routine! Here are some of the health benefits you can enjoy and expect when visiting us at Interskate 91 North in Hadley, MA.


Roller Skating Fitness Facts Interskate 91 North

Roller Skating Fitness Facts Interskate 91 North


Why Jog When You Can Skate??

Roller skating is the equivalent to jogging in terms of health benefits and calories burned. In just one hour of moderate skating, you can burn 330 calories (based on a 143 lb person). If you are skating vigorously and really working up a sweat you could burn up to 600 calories in an hour. Which would you rather do, an hour of jogging or an hour of skating. Our vote is for skating!

Your Working Multiple Muscle Groups at Once

You get multiple payoffs when roller skating. Instead of just focusing on one particular muscle group, you have the ability to work a bunch of different ones all at the same time. Your glutes and quads get worked as you push off and glide across our skating floor here at Interskate 91, but what you probably didn’t realize is that by balancing while you skate, your core and arms get a major workout as well. A strong core helps enhance your body’s balance and stability and ensures good posture and a healthy back. If you have lower back pain, many times it is a result of a weak core. Forget the monthly planking challenges to a stronger core (because really, who wants to do planks multiple times a day for a month?), and just roller skate 1-2 times a week!

Increase Your Heart Rate and Get Heart Healthy

Only 30 minutes of skating will increase your heart rate to at least 148 beats per minute, and Roller Skating is recommended by the American Heart Association as an aerobic fitness sport. A healthy heart will pump your blood more efficiently, and helps improve blood flow to all parts of your body. Regular aerobic exercise can also help lower your blood pressure.

Roller Skating is Great For All Ages and is FUN

There we said it. Roller Skating is FUN! Many times skating doesn’t even feel like a workout. Many people dread going to the gym, why dread exercising when you can have fun with your whole family? Promote healthy habits for your family and come skating once a week. Have your children turn off the TV, put down the controllers, stop scrolling, and START ROLLING! Roller Skating is an activity that everyone can participate in at once. Most likely you and your family aren’t going for runs together, your not all on the baseball field together, your not all hitting the gym together, but you can all hit the skating floor together! Spend quality time with each other, without the distraction from your gadgets, listen to great music, and get healthy!


If you are looking for a time to skate that is more adult oriented, we suggest our Throwback Thursday. New to skating and need a lesson? Every Saturday morning we have our Learn To Skate Clinic where we teach the basic skills to get you started on your skating journey. If you are looking for the perfect time to bring your whole family, check out our schedule and just pick the session that works best for you!