There are many ways that you can give the gift of skating this year, and it doesn’t mean you have to wrap up a pair of skates!


Admission Bucks; our version of a Gift Certificate are good in all areas of the facility. From admission, skate rental, Laser Blast, and our Quick Service Restaurant; our Bucks have you covered! You get to choose the denomination you buy so they are great for Stocking Stuffers, Yankee Swaps, Secret Santas, Classrooms, Hanukkah, and more. No pre-determined amounts here!

Need a gift for an entire family…give the gift of skating! It’s a family friendly and healthy activity, it’s the perfect gift to get everyone involved! Need a gift for a teacher…skating! We have Retro Night every Thursday so your child’s teacher will be brought back to the days when they hung out at Interskate. Or maybe, they have their own children and can enjoy a day out with them. Don’t add another coffee mug to their collection, give them something they can use! Interskate 91 Admission Bucks are wonderful for all ages, all skill levels, all genders…it’s fun for everyone! Plus, admission bucks don’t have any restrictions on when they can be used; so they are valid during the times that no passes or coupons are accepted.


interskate91north admission bucks 2015



What if you don’t want to give the gift of skating??


While we want everyone on skates (Hello, we are a skating rink and think skating is pretty awesome!) we understand that it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Our Admission Bucks are also good for our Laser Blast Arena! So regardless, you can rest assured that even if you give a non-skater Interskate 91 Bucks, they will be able to get used!



Our Ancient Ruins are waiting for your group to conquer it! It’s every man for themselves in our Laser Blast arena, who will be the winner?

We have specials throughout the week, and Admission Bucks are always accepted. Tuesdays, we have our popular $2.00 Tuesday where each game is only $2.00. Every Thursday, you can play to your heart’s desire with our Fire Til You Tire. $13.00 GETS YOU MULTIPLE GAMES during our 4:00-9:30pm time frame.

Outside of our weekly specials, you can always come during any session and play a round or two. One game (Single Blast) is $6.00 per person, and Two games (double blast) is $9.00 per person. If you are a member of our e-blast club, you will frequently see other specials just for our email members, so be sure to sign up!


So, as you can see, there are many way to give skating to that special someone! The sky is the limit, and maybe if you’re lucky you will be the recipient of some Admission Bucks this year!






Oh you want to give skates this year??? Visit our skate shop and one of our specialists will get you hooked up! We even have awesome specials right now that you NEED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF!