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Learning to skate is fun at Interskate 91!

Our friendly and experienced staff is available, at any of our skating sessions, ready to offer skating tips and pointers to help you get rolling along. If you seek a formal lesson or class for recreational skating, join us on Saturday mornings.

Saturday Mornings

11:00AM - 12:00PM
(Enter at 11:00AM / Lesson at 11:15AM)
No Admission after 11:15AM

Lesson Adm. $15.00

(Includes FREE skate Rental)
(Stay for 1:00-4:00pm skating session FREE)

Skating is more fun after lessons!

  • Fun
  • Basic Skills
  • All Ages
  • Learn Quick
We offer Free wireless high speed internet anywhere in our center. Just bring your wireless laptop and you’re connected. You can surf while the kids skate.