When the weather turns colder, business picks up. It’s important to have proper staffing to ensure the business runs correctly and smoothly. Customer service is so important and having the right people can make all the difference. After last spring many seniors went away to school and they need to be replaced. So it is that time of the year when we start hiring and recruiting new employees. We are looking for people, good people. We need the best of the best. Candidates should be available nights and weekends, friendly and energetic. If you are, or know someone looking for a job send them our way. This can be a great first job for a young person, we will train and coach them into a valuable member of the workforce. They will enjoy the paycheck, and probably enjoy the job. We have a great atmosphere to work in, and a team that works well together. Or perhaps someone a little more experienced. This can be a great supplemental job, one or two nights a week, a little extra cash, maybe helping with Holiday bills….

Finding good people can be difficult. We have high hopes for our team members. We ask a lot, but it can be fun if it is done right. Some people don’t understand, and can’t figure it out, and this isn’t for them. But the ones that ‘get it’, this is great. You have to like people to do well with customer service. There is a wide variety of people out there, and taking care of them is a challenge at times, but that is why these people are hired. To take care of the paying customers. The environment that we are trying to provide and create, needs people that are entertaining, but still providing a service at the same time. Do you know anyone capable of that, we want to meet them. They can apply in person at Interskate South our address is 2043 Boston Rd in Wilbraham.

Keep smiling!