Would you like to learn to skate better? We offer skating lessons for kids of all ages. Roller skating is a sport that can be very enjoyable, healthy, competitive or social. But if you aren’t a good skater, then it’s not much of anything. It might be a pain the backside instead. Kids learn easier and quicker at a young age, our teachers are equipped to help the youngest of skaters start rolling. Some children don’t need much instruction, just point them in the right direction, give them a couple quick tips, and they are off. But some kids need more attention and feedback, and we can help with that. And we love to see parental involvement! Parents taking the class with their children is becoming more popular, and what a great idea. The adults can learn too, and share the time with the kids. The family that skates together, stays together!

We offer a five week learn to skate program that will teach basic skills like getting up, safely falling down, starting, stopping and balance. If you can do all that, we can graduate you to our advanced class. Learn to skate backwards, or turn while moving, shoot the duck or knee drops. If you are still looking for advanced instruction we have a competitive skating club that travels to local meets and national competitions.

The cost of the program is $50 for all five weeks. Skate rental is extra if needed, but most people will want to purchase skates to be more comfortable. You can call for dates and times 413-543-3991. The program will run every five weeks, skipping some holiday weekends, till April.