It seems hard to believe November is already here. The leaves are falling, weather is changing, and the clocks have turned back. Dark evenings are part of the schedule now, and frost will cover the ground soon enough. Let’s hope winter holds off for a little longer. Fall can be beautiful, it has to be since summer is still a close memory.

I found a great blog post from Macaroni Kid about teaching kids to be thankful, and I wanted to share it here. Every year when November rolls back around, we look ahead to Thanksgiving and we finally remember to show some appreciation for what we have in our lives. Wouldn’t it be nice to live that way all year long? If you have kids, try to spend time with them, and show them a good example of thankfulness and appreciation.

I am reminded of a poem and corresponding book by Dorothy Law Nolte, “Children Learn What They Live”. Reminding parents that they are solely responsible for the behavior of their children. We cannot rely on school, coaches or anyone else to teach our children the right way to live a meaningful life. It has to come from home. And it comes from the daily actions taken by adults, not just the lessons or reminders or discipline put on the children. They are watching and will accept the behavior displayed by their parents.

Here’s to a beautiful November and a Happy Thanksgiving!