Whether you have been skating lately or not you may be familiar with our games. We play a few games that go back a long time. Standing the test of time like Four Corners, Scooter Races, Limbo or Hot Potato are just the tip of the iceberg. We take a certain pride in our creativity when it comes to these unusual games. You can’t play these games anywhere else. Roller Skating is an activity like no other. Roll that big fuzzy dice and hope you are safe from elimination or see if you have the skills to skate under that limbo bar or find a partner to skate a lap and hopefully not fall down. As if the games aren’t fun enough on their own, but we also give away prizes. A lot of prizes, so many in fact that we partner with other local businesses in the summer to help keep it exciting. Thank you to UNO’s and Eastfield Mall. Just a couple of the great sponsors for the 91 Days of Summer.pokeballpizza

So the typical games like the ones mentioned earlier are great and like I said stand the test of time. But where we really shine is when we come up with new, special games for whatever the special event may be. You could let your imagination run wild with names like Dead Fish Basketball, or Pizza Box Waddle. Name the theme and we will devise a crazy fun game that you didn’t see coming. We also like to bring the concession food into the fun, just check out the Pokeball Pizza. But that is really another story. (Did I mention we have another Pokemon Party coming up soon). We have done plenty of eating contests, please don’t choke. Literally or metaphorically. And when it’s really hot, how about a frozen t-shirt contest?

Unless you live under a rock you must see commercials or advertisements, their everywhere. We particularly like the ones with skating in them. More and more of them are popping up all the time. KFC and Old Navy are some recent ones. And this OREO one is amazing. Click the links and watch them, which is your favorite? Comment below. Roller skating is a wonderful activity that breaks barriers of gender, age, race and religion. What else can a family do that is this much fun and good for you. Maybe we should dream up a KFC bucket relay race……

Have you been roller skating lately? It is more fun than you remember. ┬áCome on by take a lap or two and play one of our games. We’ll be waiting.