Roller skating is a skill that must be learned and practiced. Some kids learn faster than others, but all kids CAN learn. We may be a little biased, but roller skating is something fun to do that everyone should experience, like riding a bike or swimming. Not so easy to read about or explain with words, roller skating is something learned by doing. There is the obvious risk of falling down. This poses a certain risk for anyone that is more fragile or feeble, but it is part of the sport. In my experience with kids, many possess a certain bravery and it doesn’t bother them to hit the ground once or twice. That fear factor can keep some people away, but the ones that overcome it know the reward at the end. Skating can provide a feeling like no other. It may have to do with the satisfaction of mastering a skill, or the wind in your hair. Whatever it is, whatever you call it, once it hits you, you know it. Some people get hooked on it, and don’t want to stop. (cue crying kids that don’t want to leave).

The first few steps may be the hardest, but they are well worth it.  Hopefully you have already made strides in learning to skate, but maybe you know someone that needs a little more help. We offer lessons on Saturday mornings and love to help people get up and get rolling. Kids of all ages, ready or not. Lessons are essentially free. The $10 fee is the same price for the afternoon admission, which you get free after the lesson. Skate rental is $5, or if you have your own, bring them. Get here by 10:15 to sign up and get your skates on.

See you at the rink!