In this blog post I hope to explain a little about our pricing strategy. We have three activities or attractions, we offer roller skating, laser tag and a playground. Some may consider our arcade a fourth attraction, but since it is not an activity we tend to leave it off this list. Roller skating is our main attraction, it takes up the most space, it has a bigger audience, more people can do it at once, it is the center of our business. The majority of our customers come to roller skate, there is a small percentage that want to only play laser tag or use the playground, but a vast majority are looking for the skating. We charge an admission to come in and skate. You may also pay admission to use the playground called Playquest. ┬áIf you need rentals there is an extra fee to use our equipment, many people have their own skates, including inline (rollerblade) skates. We also offer Skate-Mates for an additional fee. This is another piece of equipment, looks like a walker, some may need, some may not. So admission and skate rental are two separate fees, it wouldn’t be fair to charge the same price to people owning skates and people using our skates. Do you agree? Now, if you want to enhance your skating fun with another activity we charge an additional fee. A small fee, usually $3 to participate in an extra activity. We do not lump both attractions into one admission. We would have to raise the admission price to include multiple attractions, and we don’t want to do that. If want to play laser tag without roller skating, we have prices designed for laser tag only and discount multiple games. We hope you will join us soon, and thanks for reading.