Check out this Info-graphic showing how our bodies benefit from roller skating. Let’s focus on the adults right now. There are many health benefits to an active lifestyle, we have all heard that before. The trick is making it enjoyable. Regular exercise is important and should be part of your daily routine. Consider making that exercise roller skating. Add your family and a clean, safe, well maintained facility it seems like a no-brainer. If you are going to work those old tired muscles, this is not only fun but also a healthy choice.

The image below doesn’t really talk about what exercise does for your spirit, your mood and your overall happiness. For some, this can be more important that the physical benefit. There are people who love skating so much, it becomes part of their life. This person cannot imagine life without skating. Roller skating is a social activity. You can skate next to your friends or kids, have a nice talk, catch up on the latest gossip or what’s happening and listen to your favorite music. Roller skating gets your heart pumping and endorphins moving. That creates energy and motivation and a joy like no other. Two hours of skating can burn almost 1000 calories, that’s enough to keep your doctor happy.

Now lets talk about kids. Some kids are just naturally active, and some need extra motivation. It is shocking to see how much time kids spend in front of a screen (TV, Ipod, computer). If you look up those statistics, they might alarm you. Here is an article from New York Times about screen addiction. Bring them roller skating, it definitely is a better choice than video games or TV or Youtube. Roller or inline skating is truly a family activity, it’s healthy, fun, affordable (Check out KidsSkateFree) and year round at Interskate 91.


Roller skating Info Pic