Our DJs


Hi, I'm Bill Michaels. I have been working here at Interskate 91 since the invention of music. They have tried to throw me out but I just won't leave. I'm the program director along with being Session & Music director. I host most of the sessions here. I also work part-time for 94.7 WMAS. So stop by and say hi, and drop off some Geritol. We would love to see you.

DJ "Bill Michaels"


You could be the next DJ to claim the mountain and entertain our guests. Interested applicants should apply in person.

DJ "???"


Hi, I’m DJ Kennedy! I’m a junior in high school at Sabis and a (half-retired) floor guard here at Interskate 91 south. I’m usually around on Saturday nights or Sundays playing today’s best music and a whole bunch of throwbacks!

DJ "Kennedy"